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Terms of Use/ Service Agreement

You are most welcome to we are your personal reliable advisor. VivahSaubhagya Provide you platform where you can advertise their profile and can search prospect online. We are here to finding your match easily online we are replacing the old way of finding bride or groom via newspaper classified. Access and registration on is free. We also offer premium memberships, A Premium user can promote his/her profile as featured, can send emails, chat with prospect, viewing email ID, address (if provided by the prospect), contact number etc.

Terms of use – you need to Register in order to use website by using this site a user must agree teams and condition (“Agreement”). If you want to join and want to promote your profile to all of your prospect and want to use services of, Read all these Terms and Conditions points and follow all the instruction given for registration and other further steps. Our services will help to show your profile to all those member who is looking for member like you or those member which you have set in preference. Only serious member should register, it is a serious match matching website not a dating site. Current agreement show legally binding terms of use of the website and membership. can change or modify this agreement anytime.

Eligibility – while register on you must be legally competent and your age must be legally marriageable, According the law of India (Male age must be 21years or over and Female age must be 18years or over than) just provide people to promote his/her self on our portal under the marriage law of India. By using this website as a member you are assuring and warrant that you are authorized and deserve a legal access with right and legal capacity to agree an a enter into this agreement. You also assure that you are not prohibited or banner by any of currently applicable law. Decree or injunction in force or any order by any court tribunal and any capable authority stops you from entering in to matrimony portal. You also confirm that you are a member with intention of finding lifepartner match and you will never use this portal for dating purpose only. You also assure that you comply with all points of term and conditions in this agreement. reserve the right to reject or terminate your membership any time in case of finding not following any of the point mention in this agreement. In such case your membership will be terminated without refund.

Terms – you can write any time about terminating your membership/account you just need to mention the reason. Member termination never allow any refund any subscription or up gradation fee (if any fee paid by user) can terminate your account in case of we found any fraud or any misrepresentation. Your termination will be effective once you get email from our end to your registered email ID with reason. If has terminated your account membership due to not follow points given in agreement you will not be able to get refund (if user has paid any) certain provision of this agreement including section of this agreement. Agreement will remain effective even on termination.

Non Commercial Use By Member is a matrimonial portal and it just allows user to promote individual for only finding partner match purpose. A member never allows to promote any commercial endeavors or business. Above include any type of website promotion or any external link. Organization business/companies can’t become member of and should not use this matrimony portal or service provided by us. Illegal and on authorized use of this website will be investigate and legal appropriate action will take against such person.

Other Terms of use by Member

  • have reserve the right with own prudence to investigate starts/activity of any account even chat also a member and can block/stop.
  • If any person found with multiple profile for single person in this case VivahSaubhagya can deactivate all account without any notice and without any refund (If user has paid any)
  • While registering member confirm that all content provided by his/her are true correct and accurate.
  • We strongly recommend to submit a scan copy of any of government issued identify card with your user id and email that to
  • Member can be terminate in case of any abusing or misbehave.
  • You are not allowed to use any script, inspect or any automated process to view’s Member/content.
  • can view any of your conversation to check or review any type of membership by user or member to other member.
  • Every registered member of irreversibility confirms that you have read whole term and conditions each point /each word and agree to it.
  • We recommended to read thoroughly to own security tips section to prevent from any type of fraud or security threads.
  • A’s member does not allows to use our database except of partner matching purpose If any one bound any type of promotion or buy,sell or any other commercial/personal reason, he/she will have to face legal action from
  • By registering a member agree that you have no objection by receiving any type of email on your registered email id and any sms message on your mobile number which you have provided to us while using our service. If registration has done by any DND(Do Not Disturb) / NCPR(National Customer Preference Register) then also we can send sms to you this will supersede any preference set by the member for DND(Do Not Disturb) / NCPR(National Customer Preference Register) you can receive Email, Calls and sms it is just not limited to mobile number verification/ Email Verification but also can be enquires/promotion.

Contain and Proprietary Rights on owns and retains proprietary rights in this matrimonial portal and it’s services contain information of this website content, material, images etc. Apart of these information which is in the website like member profile, images and other information provided by the user you can’t use, copy, modify, Publish or sell etc. any of the listed property information. If any one found attempting disturbing above actions he/she will face legal applicable action which also include civil/criminal whatever will be applicable.


By using services of we recommended go thorough service which governed by our Privacy policy and we have given same instruction and suggest to follow that.

Member Controversy (Disputes)

  • Member merely responsible for provided info about his self/ her self for promotion/ conversation with same portal’s other member, reserve the right to dispute between member you and other memer and can take appropriate applicable legal action against member we is not obliged spread or share such things with other member either complaint or report.
  • is not responsible for any money transaction between two member.


If member gets and disputes with this website or it’s services, you are agreeing that all these disputes will be governed by law of India and will be subject to exclusive jurisdiction of the component courts in lucknow india only.


You agree to its affiliate employ and partners fully indemnified including loss, liability claim or demand with reasonable layer’s fee. Made any other member, third party or any one, which is using by you to our matrimony portal or our services you have to pay all our loss due to any fraudulent act perform by you.

Limitation on liability will not be responsible for any event to you or any third person for any loss or any damage. Even if has suggested or advised possibility then also will not be responsible for any such loss.


  • By registering yourself as member you agree to receive certain newsletters, email, messages, calls from’s team, partners, employees, affiliates you can unsubscribe such services by clicking unsubscribe link in email.
  • The agreement which you are accepting is between you and team regarding use of this portal of’s services if any provision of this agreement is found invalid the reminder of this agreement will continue.
  • is a trademark of VivahSaubhagya association .
  • By registering as a member you are accepting all points given in this agreement and you have no complaint against this agreement.
  • If you have any question regarding this service agreement you can Contact us

Copy Write Policy

You can not copy, post distribute or reproduce in any condition to any copy write material our trademark content or other proprietary information without any prior notice in written to the owner of the proprietary right. If you feel that your work has been copied/ posted on in way which come under copy write please provide with below given informations.

1) A descriptive description of copy write work that you can claim that it is located on our site and we have used that.

2) A physical/digital signature of owner of copy write matter.

3) A descripation of where the material which was claimed and contravene is on the site.

4) Your contact number, telephone number and email address.

5) A statement in written that you are sure that disputed use is not own/authorized by the copyright holder/ owner its agent, or the law.

6) A written statement by you made under penalty of penury , that above information in your notice is true and accurate and you are the copyright owner or authorized to act on me copyright owner’s behalf

Content Posted/ Listed On Site

1) can delete any listing/photo/post/content/communication, with it’s own decision based on some review like some offensive or illegal post which may hurt person’s any religion, any harm or any heart of safety.

2) You are agreeing by registering as a member that whatever you have posted or shared with

  • can copy, use, distribute, modify and show to publically such content on it’s partner site affiliate and its franchisees and its centers and It's youtube channel ,Facebook page ,Email,Whatsapp any time.

3) You can only use our services to market, classified for promote your profile and you just intended to become a member for binding your life partner, whatever data/content text, photos, information provided by member it is his/her solo responsibility of copy site of that matter or content will be responsible and whole liability of member, person have own risk about such things reserve the right to check or authenticate of content posted on site reserve the right to ask any document which is associated with the content to know it’s actuality. In case of any matter of not true can terminate your membership.

4) By posting content/ image you automatically grant to and its employee, member to use, copy the form, display and distribute such information and content.

5) Below are the given a list of the kind of information/content which is illegal or banned on the site will check and investigate and will take legal action with it’s own judgment against any person who violates this agreement. As a result member may face displease communication/ content from the portal.

Content which are illegal/banned

  • Content which shows offensive race hatred, zealotry, physical harm of any kind against or any group.
  • Hamper/harass to any individual.
  • Junk/test mail to any individual or group.
  • Post/promote false information which may misled to prospect.
  • Post of any copyright content/image and you don’t have that copyright ownership.
  • Posting of restricted content contact info in about me section or any external link.
  • Pornography or sexual material posting.
  • Provide material which harass under 18 in ant matter.
  • Provide any information of buying or sell investment in any field.
  • 10) Asking for secure things like password or intruded own self as any commercial purpose.
  • 11) Posting of any investment or any commercial schema
  • We strictly recommend that don’t include in your profile’s content email/mobile number address and anything else.


    1) is not responsible for any content posted in any member’s profile, for each incorrect and appropriate information member will be solo responsible either that member was registered online or by any our center offline.

    2) is not responsible for any error, deletion, omitting, defect, delay, communication operation, line failure, theft or any unauthorized access. We recommend to set a difficult/password for not include your name, add combination of capital letter, small letter number and special characters.

    3) is not responsible for any server or provider, computer system or sms service, technical failure or traffic overload issues

    4) There is no circumstances under when will be responsible for any loss or damage which result any member or third person’s use of this portal or any service or any content posted on

    5) Recommendation/ suggestion provided by is just our suggestion you need to verify all things about the prospect from your end. will not be responsible for any loss/damage due to profile matching.

    6) doesn’t take any responsibility about any content provided by member online/offline.

    7) If a member get hurt by any reason by another member of then member reserve the right to claim in court against the other member.

    8) doesn’t take responsibility about any body type, complexion, drink, smoke, or any other action field by member.

    9) will not be responsible for any in appreciate service or information provided by any third party.